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Mobile Performance Diagnostics!

You want to know whether your actual performance status allows you to follow your desired sport?


You want to know your deficits and how to compensate them in order to prevent injuries?


You had an injury or even surgery on your leg—with all the joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles—and now you ask yourself

„Am I  Ready to go for my desired sport?“


From Formula 1 to Series – for professional and hobby athletes

9 Tests, 1 clear result:


“Ready to go” is a mobile test—for individuals or teams—which can be applied anywhere.  The performance diagnostics comprises 9 activity tests that check stability, neuromuscular control, agility, strength, coordination and speed - comparing each side and comparing the results with control groups. The 9 activity tests are evaluated from "very weak" to "very good".  The duration of the test series is about one hour.  Subsequently, the results are being analyzed, concluded in a protocol, and evaluated with the participants.  The existing deficits are then discussed in detail.  The consequences deriving  from the results are as important as the tests itself.  In order to compensate individual deficits, the participant receives clear exercise examples facilitating an improvement of the performance status thus elevating the process security for a return to the respective sport.  Furthermore, the test results are an important instrument for the attending doctor, aiding him in giving the patient targeted recommendations and, if necessary, issuing prescriptions.


Welcome to “Ready To Go” Performance Diagnostics

Many hobby athletes are doing their sports activities, mainly weekends, untrained and overestimate the performance ability of their own body.  Consequently, a lot of injuries happen, for example a torn ACL.  Every year thousands of ACL injuries are diagnosed in Germany and, in most cases, surgery is necessary. Even though forecasts regarding a return to sports are positive, the right time is crucial.  Up to now, the costs for tests to determine a possible comeback were tens of thousands of Euros, which is why the tests were applied only sporadically in professional sports.  A sports clinic in Innsbruck, Austria, the OSM Research Foundation, the Institute for Sports Science of the University of Innsbruck, and the Sports Therapy Huber have set the goal to develop a test that can determine optimally, with fair prices for professionals as well as hobby athletes, when a comeback makes sense thus minimizing the risk of suffering injuries again due to a too early comeback.  We work closely together with the Institute for Sports Science of the University of Innsbruck to optimize the tests.


Regarding professionals that suffered an ACL injury, the time frame for a comeback to high-risk sports is usually 6 to 9 months.  However, the tests clearly demonstrate that, even after this time, there are still often deficits.


"The most common rerupture rate or muscle injury following an ACL surgery is between month 6 to 18 because most of the patients feel too good too early and return to sports even though they still have a lot of muscular deficits."  Dr.-med. Juergen Eichhorn (sports orthopaedic surgeon).


  • Completed apprenticeship  in physiotherapy


  • Work experience at Eden Reha, Donaustauf, Germany (cooperating  closely with Helmut Hoffmann) and Reha Center, Straubing, Germany


  • Broadened my expertise at the Sports Medicine Biodynamics Center, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (Tim Hewett)


  • Specialized in managing recovery processes and advising patients after a surgery at the Sporthopaedicum, Straubing & Regensburg, Germany

After graduating in physiotherapy I focused on treatment for people who are active in sports.  Beside numerous further trainings, I successfully completed my certificates in sports physiotherapy and medical training therapy, and worked inter alia at the renowned Eden Reha, Donaustauf, Germany, and the Reha Center, Straubing, Germany, where I was able to treat my first professional sportsmen, closely cooperating with Helmut Hoffmann.


There, my interest in performance diagnostics started to grow.  Thus, I decided to complete my training at the Sports Medicine Biodynamics Center, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA under its internationally renowned director Tim Hewett.


Since 2014, I have been working at the Sporthopaedicum, Straubing & Regensburg, Germany, where I watch and control the post-treatment in cooperation with the surgeons.  To encourage patients on their decision as to when to return to sports, or to give general statements on individual performances of sportsmen, we apply the "Ready To Go" test.  The key question after recovery is completed is, which activity is possible and when you are => READY TO GO


These tests represent an important and objective result as there is often a huge difference between the performance a sportsman thinks he is able to handle and what he is, in fact, capable of.


Annika Eichhorn

sport physical therapist


Are you ready?

Congratulations!  You are just a few steps away to understand your body better.  Are you fit enough to do sports again?  Let's find this out together.  Just a few pieces of information to begin with and we are “Ready To Go”!


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